About us

Hi! We are the Daubenspecks. Daniel and Olivia (or, Mom and Dad) are the minds behind the designs; Luke, Zella, and Lincoln are the inspiration.

Our story is beautiful and somewhat complicated, so we'll just hit you with the highlights. We fell in love and got married and had typical 9-5 jobs. We were happy but we knew there was something more for us...
Heir of Grace actually started out as Baby Swag Apparel (swag for your baby, get it?). We had the idea of making custom onesies for babies, especially because we had the MOST adorable models. Okay, maybe we're a little biased, but they are our inspiration after all!
Custom baby clothes quickly bled into custom adult clothes and beyond- decals, wine glasses, golf towels, etc. Thus, our business model changed and Heir of Grace was born.
We love what we do. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that God has given us this gift and we want to use it to reach as many people as we can. We love creating a product that you love.