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2014 Cadillac CTS V-Sport Start Up, Test Drive, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

2014 Cadillac CTS V-Sport Start Up, Test Drive, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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25 Responses to “2014 Cadillac CTS V-Sport Start Up, Test Drive, Exhaust, and In Depth Review”

  • AgentHydra says:

    They need to take this engine and put it in the ATS V, that would pretty
    much be a perfect car.

  • Abdullah7776 says:

    Umm why did put the msrp pricing for the F-Type coupe instead if the CTS ?

  • DanielKao111 says:

    Kyle, the description is wrong. It says “MSRP pricing for the F-Type Coupe”

  • randomrazr says:

    hey kyle, do you dig the LED light strips in the headlights thats been
    trending on all the cars these days? lol

  • MisterNBG says:

    Those seats don’t look comfortable. Look at the head rest, how much it
    sticks forward compared to the back. This promotes poor posture. So after a
    long multi hour car ride. You’ll be cursing the seats and hating the ride.

  • Photographic Time says:

    Hate the new style, you’d think it was a christmas tree with all those LEDs
    everywhere. Why not just get the equivalent BMW or Mercedes? 

  • Saabkyle04 says:
  • BuddyLe3 says:

    Amazing car although I think they could have done something a little more
    aggressive with the exhaust note.

  • Pat Dow says:

    Wait so no more V8 option for the V?

  • eddiekul7 says:

    Looks like steering wheel alignment is off.. big surprise lol

  • Mateus Ribeiro says:

    Hey Kyle,did you stop doing “In the driver’s seat”?

  • Harold McDavid says:

    The back looks better than the last cts though.

  • Rtvoll says:

    So many fucking retards in the comments. 

  • VinylToVideo says:

    Almost sounds like a 4 banger.

  • nintendolex says:

    Wow, I remember I asked for this review a while ago, and I get it right on
    my birthday! Thanks Kyle!

  • zawy says:

    Just wanna bite it at all

  • Sabroe says:

    An American car that doesn’t look that obnoxious inside (aside from the
    center console). I’m impressed. Looks very good from the outside as well

  • marc1093280 says:

    Nice car, but for the price I would prefer the BMW 5-series. Now if this
    car was less expensive than a 5-series, then in that case I would opt for
    the CTS. 

  • Ford2219 says:

    I really like the improvements Cadillac has made over the years, even tho
    I’m not a GM fan, they have made a very good work. Waiting for Lincoln to
    do the same. 

  • ranlive1 says:

    Beautiful car. Excellent review.

  • Erik Söderlind says:

    Can you do the Hudson Hornet?

  • Nihsel101 says:

    That CTS VSport exhaust sounds amazing. I like the new Cadillac keyfob. Out
    of all the reviews I have seen about the VSport, I knew Kyle would make the
    best one.

    Can’t wait for 2015 Cadillac Escalade. Could you do a comparison between
    the old Escalade vs New Escalade?

    Great Job Buddy!

  • Ryan Enstad says:

    A V8 would of been so much nicer. Especially for $70k

  • rebelyell22 says:

    Can’t have a v6 V car…

  • ܓܛܟ says: